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Rossville Tax Lien Attorney

Is your credit score being ruined by federal or state tax liens? Are you afraid of being thrown out of your home the moment IRS foreclosed your home? If that’s the case, it is high time to secure our Rossville tax lien attorney’s service and get this problem cleared now.

State and Federal Tax Liens

Defense Tax Partners knows that removing federal tax liens from public records is one of the most difficult tax-related tasks to accomplish. This is because a tax lien is filed to protect the IRS’s status with regard to their superior claim on your property. Once the IRS issues a tax lien due to your back taxes, they acquire the legal claim to your assets over other creditors.

The best way to discard a state or federal tax lien is to pay your tax debt in full. But don’t lose hope; with an Rossville, IL tax lien attorney, you’ll have a professional who can negotiate on your behalf, and propose conditions that are in the best interests of both parties. Once the terms are favorable to both you and the IRS, other options in getting rid of the lien may be granted to you.

Defense Tax Partners can make that happen for you!

We have knowledgeable, skilled, seasoned, and committed tax lien attorneys who are always ready to give valuable insights about your case. Each of our attorneys is highly capable of assessing your situation and coming up with the best way of tackling the issue at hand.

With us, you can trust that we can successfully remove the filed tax lien currently affecting your life. We will represent you with vigor and ensure that you obtain the most favorable outcome possible for your circumstances.

Do not miss this opportunity and get your tax liens problems properly dealt with today.

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How to Remove Tax Liens

Illinois Tax LienRemoving tax liens should work as follows:

1. If the IRS grants you an offer in compromise and you have paid the agreed amount, your debts are considered fully paid, and the lien will then be released.

2. If you have given the IRS a bond with the number of your tax debts, penalties, and interest, the lien will also be released by the IRS.

3. The lien will be automatically self-released if the ten-year statute of limitations on collection has expired and was not extended.

4. If a property to which a federal tax lien was attached was sold and the IRS was paid out of the proceeds, that specific property can be discharged from the lien to allow the taxpayer to pass a clear title to the property.

5. If the notice was prematurely filed or the IRS didn’t follow proper administrative procedures, they may withdraw the tax lien.

6. If withdrawing a tax lien is considered to be in the best interests of both you (the taxpayer) and the government, it will be done. If it helps you pay your tax debts, tax liens will be withdrawn as well.

7. As part of the Fresh Start program, tax liens may be withdrawn if the total debts owed to the IRS is equal to or less than $25,000 with the balance fully paid after 60 months or less through electronic bank direct debits.

Things to Remember About Tax Liens

Tax Lien NegotiationThere are a few things that you should keep in mind when addressing problems with tax liens. One of these is that you shouldn’t consider tax lien similar to a tax levy or to use these terms interchangeably.

A tax lien is only the public notification from the IRS that you have an outstanding debt to them. Tax liens for either personal or real property in Rossville are filed in the county where the property is located. This is done to protect the IRS’s claim to the property for as long as you owe them back taxes.

A tax levy, on the other hand, is the actual taking of property or assets. These may include wages, social security payment, independent contractors commissions, bank account, among many others. Tax seizure technically refers to the taking of tangible properties like vehicles and jewelry. In contrast, levy refers to taking intangible assets.

Another thing to remember is that even after a tax lien is withdrawn or released, the record of its filing will be reflected in your credit reports for several years. Working on getting it released or withdrawn is highly preferable over having an active lien attached to an outstanding liability. However, remember that the moment tax liens are filed, they will have continuing effects even after reaching a resolution with the IRS.

Trusted Rossville Tax Lien Attorney

Illinois Tax LawyerDefense Tax Partners knows that removing tax liens won’t be just a walk in the park. It will take experience, knowledge, and skill to deal with the problem and give the IRS a reason to withdraw or release the filed tax lien. Fortunately, we have these essentials, and even more!

Our team of expert Rossville tax lien attorneys is all trained and immersed in the field to help you get tax liens to your property removed successfully. When it comes to skills, we have more than enough of that with the assurance that they have been honed to give you only the best outcome possible.

You do not deserve pricey yet poor assistance from an incompetent tax lien attorney. What you do deserve is a quick intervention to prevent the worse from happening. With Defense Tax Partners, we will look into your situation with meticulousness and guide you through the options you can take.

We have never failed a client before. Our mission is to add you to the long list of grateful clients who would want to vouch for our expertise anytime.

Don’t waste time talking to a mediocre attorney who will just waste your time and money in the long run. Work with Defense Tax Partners today!

Free Initial Consultation

Rossville Tax Lien Attorney defense tax partners logo small 300x65Tax liens are not just a cause of destruction to your credit score but are also a source of constant worry over the taking of your property. But you don’t have to wait until your situation hits rock bottom.

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