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Marion Tax Levy Lawyer

If you happen to receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS, it’s understandable if you’ll begin to panic and feel helpless. After all, dealing with tax debt and other tax-related issues is known to be stressful and challenging. If you want to fix your tax debt problems and avoid receiving further actions from the IRS, then you need to seek legal help as soon as possible.

Our law firm can provide the legal guidance that you need. Our Marion, IL Tax Levy Lawyers are experienced in handling similar cases. You can trust that Defense Tax Partners will help you overcome this difficult tax debt problem you’re currently facing.

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What Is A Tax Lien?

A tax lien is a public record stating that the IRS has obtained the legal rights to a taxpayer’s property. A tax lien is issued if you failed to pay your back taxes. You will not be able to sell your property. The IRS will only release your property 30 days after you’ve fully paid all of your tax debts. If you pay your back taxes with cash, the process of releasing your property will be faster.

If you want to avoid getting a tax lien, pay your back taxes as soon as possible.

What Is A Tax Levy?

A tax levy is one of the most powerful tools that was given to the IRS in order to uphold tax laws and ensure that everyone will pay the proper taxes.

A tax levy is a technical term for executing a seizure order of a taxpayer’s property. It can also mean freezing your bank account or withholding 80-90% of your paycheck. It can be alarming if any of them happens to you. However, these actions are just initiated by the IRS to call your attention and force you to finally make a move.

It may be the right time to seek legal help and settle all your tax issues with the IRS.

Assistance With Tax Issues

Our Marion tax lien law firm can help you manage your tax debts and issues and avoid getting in trouble with the law. Let us help you finally regain control over your properties, bank accounts, or wages.

If you’re currently facing a financial crisis and can’t pay off all your tax debts in one huge payment, then we’ll negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. We’ll do our best to reason out why you failed to pay your taxes and hopefully come up with a realistic solution.

We’ll also think of all the options that you can choose to get out of your tax debts. Some of these tax debt relief options are filing for bankruptcy, compromise agreement, currently not collectible status, or an installment payment plan that you can manage.

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Defense Tax Partners is a trusted and reliable law firm. You can leave your worries behind if one of our brilliant Marion Tax Levy Lawyers takes on your case. Our attorneys have a lot of experience when it comes to handling tax-related cases. Our law firm was able to develop solutions and negotiation strategies that can greatly help our clients in their tax-related cases. We’ll give you the most suitable legal assistance and approach for your case.

If you need legal guidance from a tax lawyer, feel free to contact Defense Tax Partners. We even offer free legal consultation for anyone interested. We can help you find effective solutions to all of your tax debt issues.

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