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Milledgeville State Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

If the IRS believes that a taxpayer or their return preparer has intentionally altered some information on the return to evade a tax, a criminal tax fraud charge will be filed against them. If you are one of the individuals facing this criminal charge, our Milledgeville, IL state tax fraud defense attorney can help you out.

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Once you get convicted of tax fraud, you will have to pay up to $100,000 in fines and serve five years at most in prison while paying for the prosecution process’s costs. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to end this way with you. Defense Tax Partners is just a call away to getting you off this hell-bound train.

Every single state tax fraud defense attorney in our team is knowledgeable about the Internal Revenue Code and how all IRS investigations work. Our top-notch legal service is the product of our extensive experience defending numerous individuals accused of committing tax fraud and handling other types of white-collar and financial crimes. In fact, our services are not limited to tax fraud defense; we also address income reconstructions, return preparer liabilities, and international money transfers.

With Defense Tax Partners, you will never have to worry about being poorly represented. We guarantee that we will aggressively defend you, infusing effective strategies, and mindful legal actions. We will never let you be unreasonably convicted, fined, or jailed.

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What is Considered as Tax Fraud?

State Tax Fraud Defense court negotiationThe term tax fraud covers various illegal acts concerning filing and payment of taxes. Although the phrase is commonly used interchangeably with tax evasion, there’s a distinct difference between them.

Tax evasion is just a common type of tax fraud which may include the following illegal actions:

1. Failure to declare your real, total income to reduce your payable taxes
2. Overstatement of deductibles or expenses to have your taxes decreased.
3. Non-filing of taxes

Tax fraud, aside from the circumstances mentioned above, also include the following:

1. Failure of businesses to collect sales tax or other taxes
2. Failure of businesses to pay sales tax or other taxes
3. Falsifying information on the business’ tax returns

If you have a sizeable amount of tax debts, the Internal Revenue Service will pursue a case against you. Once this happens, know that the stakes will be high.

Aside from dealing with civil penalties, you may also have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines and serve several years of jail time. That is why before any of the worse consequences fall upon you, let Defense Tax Partners help in clearing your name or reducing your penalties.

Penalties for Milledgeville Tax Fraud

State Tax Fraud Defense AttorneysSince there are many tax laws imposed in the state of Milledgeville, an individual can commit various crimes violating these rules. Depending on which law you have defied, the corresponding penalties vary greatly.

Most of the time, the IRS will give monetary penalties and add interest rates and fees for a certain period when your taxes were unpaid.

These are the two penalty tiers for failing to file your tax return:

Tier 1. An additional penalty of at most $250 or 2% of the tax reflected in return with a reduction based on timely payments or credits. If you filed your return on time, but it can’t be processed, you have until 30 days to correct your return before you get any penalty.

Tier 2. Failure to file your return after 30 days of receiving the notice of non-filing will lead to an additional penalty that is greater than $250 or $2 of the tax stated on the return, regardless of timely payments. This additional penalty won’t exceed $5,000. Also, the penalty will undergo assessment even if no tax due is recorded.

If the IRS found out that you under-reported your income by more than 25%, they will check all your returns for the past six years and look for more fraudulent activities. If they indeed found something, they will check your whole tax history and look for even more violations. All these illegal acts will then be assessed for penalties.

Once you are found guilty of tax evasion, you will be serving some jail time in addition to hefty monetary penalties. However, you can still stop this from happening. Call Defense Tax Partners, and we will work on resolving your case right away.

Experienced Milledgeville State Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

Tax AttorneysBeing accused of committing state tax fraud can be pretty daunting. After all, it has the potential of harming your life in the most unpleasant way. That is why it is best to avail of our defense attorneys’ service at Defense Tax Partners before everything turns to worse.

We have been in the quest of defending accused individuals in the state of Illinois for several years now. As a result, our extensive experience gave us in-depth knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and IRS proceedings. To top this off, all of our Milledgeville state tax fraud defense attorneys are trained and highly skilled in aggressively and proactively representing clients before the court.

Defense Tax Partners is very familiar with the process of ensuring that everything is accurate in all the documents that the IRS and prosecution present. If needed, we can even call experts who have worked continuously with us to strengthen our defense.

Additionally, even though we are always prepared to succeed in your trial, we can also fully achieve remarkable results through negotiations outside the court.

If you don’t want to spend years in prison and pay a huge amount of fines, working with our Illinois state tax fraud defense attorney is your best bet. Don’t hesitate and call us today!

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Milledgeville State Tax Fraud Defense Attorney defense tax partners logo small 300x65The earlier you avail of our services, the more time we can prepare for an effective and quick resolution for your case. With us, you are guaranteed not just to save time and money. You will also save yourself from a life full of suffering and regret.

Remember, there’s no time to waste.

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