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If there are three things that people find most difficult to deal with, they are death, change, and taxes. Indeed, tax issues can be the most complicated part of the law. If you need legal assistance in settling or collecting taxes, call us now and our Illinois state tax attorneys will help you.

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Tax revenue is used to raise state funds for infrastructure projects, highway maintenance, public education, and other resources shared by the community. Taxes are usually divided into two categories: consumer taxes and personal income taxes.

If you are in trouble with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) for failing to file, pay either of these taxes or settle outstanding debts, you better act immediately to address your concerns. Otherwise, the IRS becomes entitled to put a lien on your assets and garnish your income. They will acquire a legal claim both to your property and assets.

To save yourself from all the hassle—or worse, criminal charges, you need a qualified and skilled state tax attorney who will do the legal work for you. Defense Tax Partners is here to help! We are an Illinois tax law firm that houses professional tax lawyers specialized in dealing with all kinds of tax issues. Book a free consultation now to get immediate legal assistance!

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Common Tax Issues Faced by Taxpayers

state tax attorney for tax issuesWith Defense Tax Partners, you get professional help from hands-on tax attorneys who find effective legal ways to get you out of your difficult tax situation. Below are the common tax issues faced by taxpayers in Boles, IL. If you’re currently involved in any of these problems, contact our lawyers now and get the legal support you need.

Unpaid Taxes

If you have filed but weren’t able to pay your taxes for some reason, then chances are, the IRS is chasing after you. In Illinois, a flat rate of 5% of the net income is imposed on all individual taxpayers. This is under the state’s personal income tax laws. For trusts, partnerships, and S corporations, an additional tax for personal property replacement is levied at 2.5% of their net income.

Want to resolve your unpaid taxes, but cannot pay for what you owe in a lump sum? We have other means for you! Our tax lawyers can discuss other payment options with you—these are settlement methods devised by the IRS for people who are less capable of paying significant tax debts.

If you want to know whether you’re eligible for these options or not, book a free consultation with us now.


Late filing of taxes, late payment, and incorrect tax return all incur corresponding penalties charged by the IRS. This means more charges on top of your taxes and a longer time before you can settle your debts.

Penalty abatement is the most plausible solution to this. Although you can directly make this request on your own, it would be wiser to seek help from a licensed tax attorney so that the odds may work in your favor. Defense Tax Partners can help you reduce the amount of the penalties you owe to the government. Our tax lawyers are more than capable of handling your tax problem.

Non-Filing of Taxes

Illinois State Tax AttorneyIf you failed to file your taxes, you can either be charged with large fines or be sentenced to jail. The IRS deems this act as a form of tax evasion. Fines can be up to $10,000, and jail sentences can last for a year.

To comply with the IRS, the best thing to do is to file your late returns the fastest way possible. This will make you eligible to request a particular arrangement for payment or an agreement with the IRS for settling your balances via the installment method.

Once you partner with us, our tax attorneys will ensure that the IRS will successfully approve your request.

Underreported Income

Failure to report ALL your income can get you into prison, should you be convicted of tax evasion. Again, Illinois has a flat income tax rate of 5%. If you underreport your personal salary, perhaps you are paying less than what you owe to the government. That being said, you shall face serious punishment and penalties.

With the help of a legal professional, you can straighten things out on your end. Our tax lawyers can help you lower your charges and lessen your penalties. Talk to one of our legal specialists now! Book a free consultation and get the best legal advice for your tax issue.

Best Illinois State Tax Attorneys

Our state tax attorneys can address all your legal concerns, problems, and queries regarding your taxes. They are too willing to extend a helping hand to turn a blind eye to your tax case.

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With many years of experience helping people resolve their tax troubles, they have gained credibility and a good reputation in the legal industry.

Work with the best Illinois state tax attorneys now! Book a free consultation with us, and our lawyers will provide statutory aid to your tariff concerns.

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Defense Tax Partners is a top-tier Boles tax law firm—always ready to give legal assistance to people struggling with paying or settling their taxes.

If you’re that person, you’ve found the best law firm that can provide you with serious legal help. Your victory over your tax issues is guaranteed with us. Partner with the leading Boles tax law firm now and get professional legal advice from the most skilled and experienced state tax attorneys today. We accommodate inquiries and offer consultations for free!

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