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It’s normal to encounter some tax issues at least once in a taxpayer’s life. The best way to deal with tax concerns is to face them and figure out how to settle them quickly.

Working on eliminating your tax issues as early as possible will prevent the accumulation of penalties and fees that might result in more tax debts that you can no longer handle. You will also avoid getting in trouble with the law if you act fast and deal with your tax problems in a quick and effective manner.

If you currently have tax concerns that you want to address immediately, you should seek legal help from an expert. Our Panama, IL tax law firm has a team of amazing lawyers who can give you the best legal guidance that you need.

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Common Tax Problems

Defense Tax Partners is your dedicated Panama tax law firm, providing assistance and support with all aspects of tax law.

Non-Filing of Taxes

If you haven’t prepared and filed your taxes for a long time, a Tax Attorney can help you access your old tax records from the IRS. Using your files online, we can then reconstruct your historical tax positions as accurately as possible. We’ll also be careful not to overstate your tax liabilities.

After calculating the total amount of taxes that you owe, the next step is to formulate a realistic plan to settle your tax debts. We can offer a compromise, an installment plan that you can follow, or a non-collectible status. Once you choose the options that will work best with your current financial situation, we’ll finalize our proposal. We’ll then negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and do our best to reach an agreement that will benefit you.

Civil Penalties

The IRS charges different kinds of penalties for non-compliance and these are some of them: 25% fee per month for fraudulent non-filing, 20% of the understated tax for negligent reporting, 5% fee per month for late filing of tax return, and .5% fee per month for late payment of taxes.

When added to the actual taxes that you have to pay, these civil penalties can put you deeper in debt. We can help you avoid paying for civil penalties by reasoning out with the IRS that you have a good reason why you didn’t file or pay your taxes on time. If it’s your first time being charged with these penalties, then there’s a good chance that you will be granted a civil penalty relief.

Innocent Spouse Claim

If a legally married couple files a joint federal income tax return, both spouses become jointly and severally liable for unpaid taxes. Even after the couple divorces or separates, their joint federal income tax return and the liabilities that come with it will remain valid and legal. It doesn’t even matter if a state divorce court orders one spouse to pay all the taxes; the IRS may still demand either spouse to pay for their liabilities.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to file for Innocent Spouse Relief. Spouses who were not associated with the unpaid or understated taxes can file for tax relief, and we can help you with that.

State Tax Disputes

Facing state tax disputes is common nowadays. If you have tax debts that you have neglected for a long time, you can have serious consequences with the Illinois Department of Revenue. Your business or professional license can be revoked, and a notice of delinquency may even be published on the internet. You can also get a tax lien, which can be burdensome and affect your finances in the long run.

To prevent these negative consequences from happening to you, we can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. We’ll use the most effective negotiation strategies that we have learned over the years. We’ll do our best to reach an agreement with the IRS that will be highly beneficial to you.

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Defense Tax Partners is a trusted and leading Panama tax law firm. We have the best Tax Attorneys in the city, and anyone of them can do a great job in handling your tax-related case. Our lawyers have immense experience when it comes to dealing with cases like yours. You can be sure that we’re familiar with the most effective solutions and strategies when handling your tax-related case.

If you need dedicated, effective legal help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Defense Tax Partners. Our legal experts will be happy to answer your inquiries and listen to your tax concerns.

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