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Du Bois IRS Tax Help irs lawyer segment block 300x199Probably one of the horrors earners wouldn’t want to face is the possibility of dealing with tax woes. This is because it may lead to serious offenses when not taken care of immediately. Managing tax affairs is a strenuous task on top of a person’s daily activities. Sometimes, taxpayers aren’t keen enough to pay attention to their taxation details, which somehow causes irregularity on their accounts.

Being mindful of our taxation matters is very important because it is the backbone of a state’s economy. The total tax revenues account for more than 80% of the overall government revenue, according to the recent estimates from the International Centre for Tax and Development.

Since the tax is a charge imposed by the government on an individual or entities, it involves a great deal of money depending on the type of tax a person is paying for. When the IRS summons you of an alleged tax problem, it pays to be extra careful when seeking assistance. After all, no one wants their money to get into the hands of tax scammers who take advantage of taxpayers dealing with their tax problems.

With that said, Defense Tax Partners is a legitimate Du Bois IRS tax legal support that recommends professional and trustworthy consultants who can assure you of great service.

You need not worry about your tax problems anymore.

Ring Defense Tax Partners at (312) 964-8355 for a free initial consultation and cast your tax horrors away.

Common Tax Problems

Have you wondered why you were called upon by the IRS? Before our IRS tax legal support can assist you, we must determine first what went wrong with your account. Let’s see where your notice came from before you go hysterical. It might just be a minor error.

Here are the common tax problems taxpayers confront:

1. Trusting the wrong tax preparer
2. Penalties
3. Unpaid taxes
4. Nonfiler (Not filing at all)
5. Misdirected tax forms
6. Incorrect tax amounts
7. Not keeping a copy of your tax return
8. Overpaying
9. Math error notices
10. Failure to report all income
11. Audits
12. Underpaying estimated tax payments
13. Missing or incorrect Social Security Numbers
14. Wrong line entries
15. Missing W2(s)
16. Multiple filing status box checked
17. Not keeping up with the latest tax news

How Can We Help You?

Du Bois IRS Tax Help tax levy segment block 300x199After identifying the problem, it is just proper to comply with the deficiencies to escape from the horrors behind bars. Solve it right away by enacting the following options with the assistance of our professional tax support.

Full payment. Pay the necessary amount indicated on the tax notice. Maintain a composed personality and avoid confrontation with the taxing authorities as it can only worsen your situation.

Recheck your tax details. Errors made on your forms will cause you so much unnecessary trouble. So when the opportunity is given to correct the mistakes, make sure never to commit the same mistakes twice.

Offer in compromise. An offer in compromise is usually accepted by taxing authorities to resolve your tax problem. This happens if the amount proposed to settle your tax problem is equal or has exceeded your Reasonable Collection Potential.

Payment plan. Set up an effective payment plan with the IRS. This will give you a little more time to settle your tax debts as your monthly payment is dependent on your ability to pay rather than what you owe.

Filing a bankruptcy. An unbearable amount of your back taxes, interest, and penalties can be eliminated by filing for bankruptcy. However, you need to meet certain qualifications first before you file. If not, the IRS will still chase after you after your bankruptcy is over.

Obtaining a copy of your IRS file. Having a copy of your IRS record is a vital factor in analyzing options available to solve your current and future tax problems.

Trusted Tax Support Consultants in Du Bois

Managing your tax affairs requires a strong mind to deal with irregularities that may come along the way. Tax problems—along with your regular work in line—can place so much stress on an individual. Thus, it is just reasonable to seek an IRS tax legal support to help you overcome this arduous journey.

Defense Tax Partners has been in the service for a long time now. We have remained true to our mission and vision to provide quality service to our clients by guiding and helping them in any way possible with integrity and professionalism.

Our tax support consultants have established a trusted and reliable branding all over Du Bois, IL with their competence and excellent personalities. With us, you are guaranteed with not just an agent, but also a friend who will cover for you.

Connect with Us

Du Bois IRS Tax Help defense tax partners logo small 300x65Fret not if you receive a notice from the IRS. Stay calm and dial our hotline to share your tax concerns with us. We will cater to your needs as soon as possible. You may also drop by at our office for consultations. We’ll make sure to respond to your queries.

Do not hesitate and contact Defense Tax Partners. Get your free initial consultation with trusted Du Bois IRS tax help at (312) 964-8355 now.