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Rockford Income Tax Attorney irs lawyer segment block 300x199Everyone’s income tax plays a different role in different countries. Understanding how it works is of huge importance. If your income tax responsibility has proven to be too big of a burden for you to handle, that can probably become your biggest problem yet. A tax lawyer will be of great assistance, and, fortunately, that is what Defense Tax Partners is here to help you with.

Income tax is an instrument of national policy that is regarded not only as an important revenue generator but also as a means of achieving social reform through income redistribution. Most countries use it to redirect economic decisions and also as a stabilizer against economic fluctuations.

Because of how big the implications of income tax are, you must get well acquainted with them. It also means that getting professional help when dealing with income tax is highly necessary.

Our expert Illinois income tax attorneys are always ready and happy to serve you.

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Expert Assistance with Policy Issues

Rockford Income Tax Attorney tax levy segment block 300x199There is a lot to consider to settle income tax issues. This means that there are also various things that you need professional help with. Here in Defense Tax Partners, our team of income tax lawyers offers extensive service to help address the following issues:

1. Integration

One major policy issue concerns the integration of income taxes on corporations and shareholders.

Partial integration, also known as dividend relief, can be attained by decreasing or eliminating the double taxation from separate income taxes on corporations and shareholders.

On the other hand, full integration can only be achieved by overlooking the existence of the corporation for income tax purposes and taxing shareholders on undistributed dividends and profits. It is as if a partnership had earned the income. This approach may be suitable for corporations with only a few shareholders. This approach is also allowed on an optional basis in the United States for certain corporations that only have one class of stock and no more than ten shareholders. Full integration is generally considered as impractical for corporations with large numbers of shareholders.

2. Investment incentives

It is known that corporate income tax has an adverse effect on investment. Fortunately, this can be lessened through accelerated depreciation. This method can be done by adding a deduction in the first year, also known as an initial allowance. It can also be done by spreading the deduction over several years.

The increase of depreciation allowances for any asset in the early years will be matched by the allowance reduction for that asset in the future years. The acceleration, however, is advantageous for the taxpayers. It can postpone tax payments, finance investments from internal funds, reduce interest costs, and lessen risks.

Investment allowance is another form of incentive that allows investors to deduct part of their eligible assets from their taxable income. This is in addition to depreciation allowances, so over an eligible asset’s lifetime, it is possible that the total deductions will exceed the original cost of the asset.

Another related means is a tax credit. Through this, the payable income tax will be reduced by a percentage of the cost of eligible forms of new investments. On the other hand, the government can pay an investment grant to those who make certain kinds of new investments.

Investment allowances, investment grants, and tax credits reduce the cost of new equipment and, therefore, increase investment attractiveness.

3. Timing and inflation adjustment

Income tax measurements should be in line with the current value of the taxpayer’s assets and liabilities. Deductions that are taken too quickly and unduly postponed income recognition will reduce the present value of tax liability.

Tax shelters are based on artificial accounting losses from accelerated deduction and deferral of income recognition. These losses will come from partnership investments and are used for offsetting income from other sources.

Although not unique, depreciation is recognized to be the most obvious and most important timing issue. Industries, where timing issues are of great importance, include timber, oil, gas, orchards, vineyards, and real estate.

It is important to note that timing rules required to prevent income mismeasurement can add complexity to the tax system. It is then essential to acquire help from professional Rockford income tax attorneys when dealing with this issue and other related concerns.

Best Rockford Income Tax Attorneys

Illinois Tax LawyerAttorneys help individuals resolve various legal disputes they’re involved in. Their job tasks include researching laws, writing legal documents, arguing cases in court, and negotiating settlements. An income tax lawyer is a lawyer who focuses their legal practice on handling income tax legal issues.

In Defense Tax Partners, we have some of the best Rockford, IL income tax lawyers, where each one of them is highly knowledgeable in Rockford law. They can certainly help you with your taxation woes and with your journey towards financial wellness. Our tax lawyers’ experience can also ensure quick and effective resolution to whatever tax problem you are facing.

The income tax attorneys in our team are all committed to providing you with stress-reducing quality service without costing too much time and money. With our lawyers working alongside you, we will guide you, educate you, and help you get a legal advantage when it comes to settling your income tax concerns.


Rockford Income Tax Attorney defense tax partners logo small 300x65The law can be tricky and exhausting to deal with. And if it involves money? The law can be even more complicated and stressful. So if you want to know what’s the most effective and practical way to deal with your income tax issues, it is best to talk to an expert.

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