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If you’re currently facing tax problems, it can be stressful as you think about the possible consequences with the IRS. However, don’t be alarmed; not all tax violations or issues result in criminal liability. There are certain tax issues that can be resolved through compromise or negotiation. Sometimes, all you have to do is settle your back taxes and penalties.

If you need legal help, our dedicated law firm can provide that for you. We have brilliant and experienced Cornell, IL Criminal Tax Lawyers who can do an amazing job when it comes to handling your tax-related case.

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Tax Fraud Defense

If you’re charged with a Tax Fraud or Evasion case, there are several possible defenses that you can use. Of course, choosing your defense still depends on your violations and current tax issues that you’re facing.

Some of the most common defenses if a taxpayer is charged with fraud include:

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1. The incorrect information found on the taxpayer’s tax return form is a result of an honest mistake.

With the help of your Cornell Criminal Tax Lawyer, you can reason out that the incorrect or incomplete information in your tax return is just a product of carelessness and that it was unintentional. It’s up to the IRS to decide if they can let your mistake pass. If the errors are minor, there’s a good chance that you will not be charged with a penalty.

2. The taxpayer hired a professional to manage his taxes.

If there’s a major miscalculation in your taxes, you can argue that it wasn’t your fault since a professional handled your taxes. In some cases, the taxpayers might still be held liable for the errors committed by his tax preparer, but if you’re guided with a brilliant lawyer, you have a great chance to be reconsidered.

3. The taxpayer possesses the documents that can prove that he didn’t commit tax fraud.

You have a good chance of successfully defending yourself if you have the necessary documents to prove the accuracy of the information you’ve provided in your tax return.

Tax Debt Relief Options

It can be tough to face tax fraud charges, especially if you’re preoccupied with several things that you have to take care of every day. If you want to avoid getting in trouble with the IRS, it’s best to pay your taxes regularly and in a timely manner. You should also be careful when filling out income tax forms. You must always double-check all the information that you’ve provided before filing your tax return.

If you owe even just a small amount of taxes to the IRS, it’s essential to pay them off as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll avoid accumulating additional penalties and fees that are even harder to pay off.

If you currently owe a substantial amount of taxes to the IRS and your current financial status makes it impossible for you to pay them off all at once, there are several debt relief options that you can discuss with your lawyer. These are some of the possible solutions to your tax debt problems:

1. Compromise

Your attorney can effectively negotiate on your behalf to reach a compromise with the IRS. The total amount of your back taxes can be lessened, or you can be given a reasonable extension to pay your tax debts.

2. Installment Plan

Your Criminal Tax Lawyer can come up with an installment plan that you can manage and will be approved by the IRS.

3. Currently Not Collectible Status

If you can adequately prove that it’s impossible for you to pay for your back taxes and at the same time provide for your basic living necessities, then your account can be put under the ‘currently not collectible’ status.

4. Filing for Bankruptcy

Depending on your current financial situation, filing for bankruptcy can be the best solution so you can settle your tax issues with the IRS.

Our dedicated Cornell tax crime defense attorneys assist you with understanding and taking the appropriate measures to settle your case with the best possible results.

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