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Medinah Criminal Tax Defense

Medinah Criminal Tax Defense criminal tax segment block 300x199Tax is a complicated matter to consider since it functions as a source of the government’s revenue. Disregarding it may lead to a more complex issue that requires a serious, legal approach. Escaping from a current tax problem will eventually bring you behind bars, so it’s better to face it before it’s too late. Face it with us!

As tax is an involuntary fee levied on you, there might be misunderstandings with your income tax return. Failure to pay proper taxes is subject to criminal charges. Tax evasion refers to an illegal activity in which an individual or business owner intentionally avoids paying their true tax liability. Non-payment or underpayment of taxes is a federal offense to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax code.

Here at Defense Tax Partners, we are prepared to serve your legal concerns. If you have been alerted by the IRS criminal investigation division that you are being investigated for a possible tax crime, it is advisable to have a criminal tax defense attorney at your side before facing an agent.

It is bad enough to receive a notice at your hand, so don’t make it worst by figuring the way out of the process alone. Our firm has the best Medinah tax defense attorneys with years and decades of professional experiences who are ready to support your case.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (312) 964-8355 for a free initial consultation, and let’s start getting your life back on track!

What Leads to Criminal Tax Charges?

Identifying the mistake is your first step to secure reasons. You may have made one serious mistake or multiple ones. Our Medinah, IL criminal tax defense attorneys will sit by you and discuss what might have possibly led the IRS special agents at your doorstep. Let us identify if any of these errors are executed:

1. Fraud information on your tax return
2. Hiding money in an offshore bank account
3. Underreporting income on the tax return
4. Wrongly reporting income
5. Committing identity theft
6. Participating in IRS scams
7. Falsely preparing other people’s tax
8. Impersonating a charity
9. Claiming zero income
10. Taking deductions you did not have
11. Not reporting real estate property
12. Mixing business and personal expense
13. Using fake tax documents

When proven guilty after the prosecution, you will face penalties or years in jail. Collateral consequences may also happen, such as loss of professional license followed by loss of employment or your right to vote. Defense Tax Partners is here to mitigate or stop any of these from happening. Work with us before it gets too late.

Possible Criminal Tax Defenses

Medinah Criminal Tax Defense irs lawyer segment block 300x199Our criminal tax defense lawyers know that cases differ from each other according to your circumstance. Since tax evasion is generally considered a crime, the defenses we can make are similar to those of other crimes. These are examples of some defenses your chosen tax defense lawyer may formulate:

Insufficient Evidence and Mistake

To be convicted, the IRS special agent must prove that you knowingly and willfully violated the tax law. This means that you are fully aware of what you did. If you can show that your failure to file an income tax return was due to forgetfulness, that may be enough to drop a criminal tax case and get you off the hook.

We can also ascertain that everything was an honest mistake and that you were confused pertaining to a vague area of the tax law or accounting principles. At this point, you may have a mistake defense. Hiring a tax defense attorney would help you get an explanation of which type of mistake you committed.

Statute of Limitations

Statute of limitations are laws passed to have a time limit to file a charge of tax evasion before initiating legal proceedings. Once this period is over, the IRS is unable to file a tax evasion suit, even having enough evidence.

The IRS must file charges when the indictment is found within three years after the commission of the offense and within six years of the alleged tax evasion. This can be further discussed to you by our team of tax defense attorneys depending on the weight and kind of offenses you have done.

Voluntary Disclosure

Admitting tax violations before the IRS finds out about them is a very effective way to avoid prosecution. You must highly consider obtaining legal representation before approaching the IRS. You have to pay a monetary penalty under the Voluntary Disclosure Program and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, which allows taxpayers self-report tax evasion or fraud. You need guidance as to what are the right things to say, and our Medinah criminal tax defense attorneys have complete knowledge regarding the terms.

Other common defenses are insanity during offense or trial, entrapment when you’re innocent of tax evasion, and no tax due caused by expenses that led to underreported income. Talk to our tax defense lawyers about what happened, and we will work out what you can do to save your reputation in a less costly manner.

Finest Medinah Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys

It is important to understand the process of the investigation regarding the tax crime the IRS might file on you. Together with our criminal tax defense attorneys, we will go through your situation step by step. Rather than attempting to dispute the IRS agent claim by yourself, it is best to have an expert in dealing with criminal tax cases.

Through the years of committing our service to the citizens of Medinah, Defense Tax Partners has proven proficient records in handling such tax complications. Our criminal tax defense lawyers had maintained upright professionalism to our past clients. We will ensure to stop an awaiting prosecution and negotiate a settlement on your corner against the IRS.

Defending your rights while protecting your finances, your properties, your name, and your future is our utmost priority.

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Medinah Criminal Tax Defense defense tax partners logo small 300x65Articulating your best defense is a worthy offense. Having your criminal tax defense attorney involved as immediately as the report was filed is your best option to guard yourself. Do not let the IRS’s criminal tax charges destroy you.

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